eLearnPortal.com’s Top 10 College Blogs of 2012

posted on Tuesday, Jan 15 2013

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As 2012 comes to a close and we welcome a brand new 2013, the team at eLearnPortal.com (ELP) has taken the time to reflect back on some of the best college blogs of the past year. The following blogs have garnered the distinction of being eLearnPortal.com’s Top 10 College Blogs of 2012.

College blogs were judged based on the following criteria:

  • Content: Is the blog content interesting, interactive and up-to-date for blog readers?
  • Design: Does the design fit the theme of the blog? Does it attract and draw in new readers?
  • Relevancy: Is the information included in the blog timely and relevant for its intended audience?
  • Prevalence: How accessible is the blog on the school’s website? How prevalent is it for readers?

Golden Gate Baptist Blog

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (GGBTS) joins ELP’s Top 10 Blogs of 2012 with the Jeff Iorg Blog. The blog welcomes its readers with a bright, vivid photo and fascinating content that touches on topics such as education, evangelism, marriage and family and social issues. Iorg brings up relevant issues relating to each topic for not only GGBTS students and faculty but outside readers as well.

Georgian Court University Blogs

GCU Blogs, Georgian Court University’s (GCU) collection of blogs, has earned a spot on the 2012 Top Ten Blog list. The school features blogs about admissions, health and wellness, sustainability, university news and more. GCU has included a variety of topics to pique the interest of all students whether they are searching for a recipe or thoughts on the Bible.

Hollins University Blogs

Hollins University features five bloggers in the Hollins Blogs chronicling their daily lives, Hollins happenings, study abroad experiences and more. Each blog is chock-full of bright, interesting photos and gives readers an up-close look into the lives of each writer. With its personal, in-depth content that appeals to all Hollins students, the Hollins Blogs make this year’s list.

Becker College Blogs

With its bright, sleek look and pertinent content for the modern college student, Becker College’s President’s Blog makes ELP’s list of Top 10 Blogs of 2012. Written by Becker president Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D., the blog includes posts on university happenings, student success and the economic impact of college education. The president himself offers quick and insightful responses to comments on each post, landing them a spot in our top 10.

Fresno Pacific University Blogs

Steve Varvis, Provost at Fresno Pacific University, writes Educated State, a blog chock-full of current events and indispensable advice for students and non-students alike. The blog’s clean lines and valuable content place it on ELP’s Top 10 Blog List, including valuable information on campus happenings, leadership qualities, student learning outcomes and more since 2009.

MNU Blogs

Five students at MidAmerica Nazarene University (MNU) update readers on their day-to-day lives, study abroad and educational experiences, among other topics. Each blogger has a photo and biography, further connecting them with their readers and providing a look into the lives of real students at MNU. For its personal approach and interesting content, MNU Blogs has been named to this year’s list.

Lynchburg College Redchair Blog

The Red Chair Blogs at Lynchburg College include writings from Lynchburg College faculty, staff and students. Bloggers include chaplains, chemistry professors, students and more. Each post is listed with a photo of the writer, including a snippet of the copy to entice readers to explore the post further. Lynchburg College has found a way to connect to its students with the Red Chair Blogs earning a spot in ELP’s list of top blogs.

NEC Blogs

The Continuing Education blog at New England Conservatory of Music (NEC) makes this year’s list of top blogs on ELP. Music technology, student successes, music news and much more are showcased on the blog. The sleek look of the site, relevant music information and educational posts put NEC’s blog on ELP’s top 10 list.

Reinhardt University Blogs

Reinhardt University’s blog, The Eagle’s Eye, keeps online and on-campus students updated with the latest Reinhardt news, happenings and current events.  Since September 2011, the school has kept students well informed on the most current events happening on-campus and off, posting new content in a timely manner. The blog’s bright colors draw in the reader, and its easy-to-read format and student-relevant content earn it a spot on this year’s list.

Mount Vernon Nazarene Blogs

Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s (MVNU) Alumni Blogs feature four blogs from MVNU alumni who are all experiencing life in different ways after college. Bloggers include a graduate living in Jerusalem, Israel and a missionary doctor working in Papua New Guinea, among others. Personal experiences are documented in the blogs with advice given for students and non-students alike. Rich content, bright design and a relevant outlook place the Alumni Blogs as one of ELP’s Top College Blogs of 2012.

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