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Online Animation Degree

Online Degrees in Animation

The media and animation industry is one of the largest and most diverse industries in the economy. We see animation and its use in numerous day to day activities, ranging from TV commercials to video games. To pursue career in this field, it is important that you acquire specialized animation degree programs form an accredited institute.

Animation degree

Animation degree programs are popular educational paths, being pursued by hundreds of students every year. You can opt for animation education at levels of study; degree programs available include associate in animation and digital media, bachelor degree in animation, master’s degree in education, and a number of diploma programs in animation. Each program has a unique eligibility criteria and degree requirements. If your unable to take the traditional classes, you can always opt for an online animation degree.


Popular Schools for Animation
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  • In an online animation degree you will learn the art of animation, principles, and how to use cutting edge computer animation software. Associate degree programs and diploma programs in animation usually focus on basic areas of this field, whereas master’s degree in animation and bachelor degree in animation are geared towards equipping students with technical skills and advanced knowledge in animation. The curriculum of animation degrees covers a wide range of topics. If you enroll in this program, you will study areas such as graphic design, composition, conceptualization, modernization, technology, art, cinematography, construction, and general education. Not only will you acquire an in depth understand of these areas, but will also be taught how to practically apply animation principles. The program will help you understand the animation process and how various animation methods can be used.

    Career outlook

    With growing use of digital technology, the employment rate of animation artists and multimedia designers is expected to grow at 12%. Online animation degrees can open the doors to a vast range of rewarding jobs. Income levels vary with each job position, depending upon the level of qualification and specialization area. A few popular job positions that can be pursued with animation degrees have been listed below:

      • 3D modelers
      • Art directors
      • Graphic programmer
      • Game artist/designer
      • Visual effects artist
      • Storyboard artists

    Now with the help of our Degree Finder Tool, you can make your search for degree programs easier. This tool will help you search, compare, and pick a program that best meets your requirements.

    Colleges offering Online Online Animation Degree Degrees

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  • Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

    Q:What kind of subjects are taught in a CMS- computer animation degree?

    A:If you undertake a computer animation degree then you will learn to use a number of software products that will teach you animation. You will learn to use software such as Flash motion graphic products such as After Effects Final Cut pro and even 3D digital animation products such as Maya and Softimage.

    Q:What are the advantages of computer animation degree online?

    A:A computer animation degree will open up several opportunities for you to work in an exciting field with lucrative benefits. In addition to this pursuing an online degree has plenty of advantages of its own. Online students can study from the comfort of their home without having to worry about showing up for classes.

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