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Homeland Security Degrees Online

Find Degrees in Homeland Security

If you feel that protecting the nation from terrorist attacks and the impact of natural disasters and other stressing situations is something that will bring you satisfaction, think about getting a degree in Homeland Security.

Are You Eligible for a Degree in Homeland Security?
Although of prime interest to military or police officials, it is not necessary that you have a background in the field in order to enroll for a degree. You may however, need to have a high school diploma with subjects such as English, Mathematics, History, Science or some languages.

What Will You be Studying?
Core courses in homeland security may include an introduction to corrections, criminal law and justice, world conflict, crime and ethics, emergency management, homeland security, public safety, research and statistics. While specialization may be done in subjects such as multijurisdictional approaches to investigations, infrastructure protection, disaster response, diplomatic approach to national security, applied managerial decision-making, strategic management in dynamic environments, communication strategies for public safety professionals.

Career Opportunities
With a degree in homeland security, you will have the opportunity to work with the government and private organizations which are responsible for policy making, planning and implementing measures to keep the country and nation safe.
You could work with Federal or Government organizations, in Aviation and Transportation Security, Cyber Security, Law Enforcement, the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, Emergency Management Response or Research Institutes.

Online Degrees in Homeland Security
The availability of online degrees in homeland security has now made it easier for you to get a degree in this field. You can now study the course of your choice at a pace and time which is convenient for you sitting in your own home. Using our degree finder tool can help you find the school and program which is right for you whether you are looking for a certification or a masters’ in the field. You can click on the options to see details of the programs to check whether you meet the requirements or not. In some cases, you may even get accreditation for previous studies or services such as a certificate or diploma in law or ethics or military service leading to a reduction in the minimal credit hours required for completion.

Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

Q:Homeland Security Online courses usually entail what important subjects?

A:Online programs in the field of homeland security comprise of various subjects. These usually carry a certain number of credit hours. Some of the most important subject studied includes homeland security, physical security, information security, criminal law, terrorism, hate crime, criminal profiling, weapons of mass destruction, emergency management, security management, and forensic psychology.


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