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Masters Plus 30

Online degrees in Education - Rank 1/ Masters + 30 Programs

The Masters Plus 30 programs is a pay scale rank used for educators and teachers in the nation. This is also known as a rank 1 certification and is designed specifically for professional in the education field. Masters plus 30 was introduced by the South Carolina Department of Education as an effort to retain professionals in the teaching industry. Rank 1 master plus 30 programs increase chances of job promotion and also improve earning potentials of educators.

The reason why this program is known as “master plus 30” is due to the fact that educators and teachers enrolled in the program are required to acquire extra 30 credit hours beyond their bachelor/masters qualifications. In many states, this program is equal to a certificate program or a licensure. Various teaching levels for which you can acquire masters plus 30 ranking includes primary education and secondary education.  This program is available at a number of education schools and can also be earned online.

Popular Schools for Masters + 30
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  • Coursework
    Masters Plus 30 programs have a comprehensive curriculum designed to polish teaching skills, enhance knowledge, and help applicant develop professionally as well as socially. Students enrolled in this program will learn through various mediums including classroom work, field work, and performance related activities. The coursework typically includes the following subjects:

    • Program management
    • Communication skills
    • Information management
    • Leadership skills
    • Counseling
    • Administrative modules

    Benefits and Career Outlook
    The key advantage of enrolling in the masters plus 30 programs is that you’ll acquire additional teaching skills and broaden your skill set. This will help you excel in your teaching career as well as increase your chances of getting a higher income. Many educational institutes prefer hiring students with rank 1 certification; this means your chances of pursuing a rewarding teaching career are higher. Teaching jobs in the following years are expected to rise greatly; masters plus 30 will help you maintain a competitive advantage in the professional field. You can also apply for other job positions in the same field. With a rank 1 certification, you have the skills and knowledge to take on managerial job positions and administrative job positions.

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    Colleges offering Online Masters Plus 30 Degrees

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