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Online Engineering Degrees

Engineers are on the brink of new innovations and technological progress that helps to advance society and improve the quality of life for many through the application of scientific and mathematical processes and principles. Professionals can specialize in a variety of fields for a diverse career and expanded opportunities in the workforce.

Online Engineering Programs

An engineer is searching for a logical, functional and economical solution to a variety of modern problems, issues and needs in response to human demand. From computer software to environmental, engineers are needed in nearly every segment of today’s economy to improve efficiency and reduce wasted resources.

Curriculum for an online engineering degree will have a heavy focus in science and mathematics courses as well as design and other courses related to a student’s specific concentration. Engineering concentrations include the following:

  • Chemical engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • And more!

Engineering degrees often require some form of practical work experience such as an internship in addition to traditional courses.

Popular Schools for Online Engineering Degrees

Career Outlook

Professionals interested in the field of engineering have many options when it comes to a career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides career data for professionals considering continuing their education for a career in engineering.

  • Chemical engineer: Design manufacturing of chemical goods using their knowledge of the sciences, including chemistry, biology and physics. Annual salary is $90,300.
  • Computer engineer: Solve problems that arise in complex computer systems and create new innovations in computer technology. Annual salary is $98,810
  • Mechanical engineer: Design and test mechanical devices, including machines, engines and tools. Annual salary is $78,160.
  • Environmental engineer: Develop solutions to environmental problems, including waste disposal, recycling and pollution through their knowledge of science and environmental processes. Annual salary is $78,740.
  • Civil engineer: Work on large construction projects through the design of new structures and management and supervision of team members. Annual salary is $77,560.
  • Electrical engineer: Develop electrical equipment and supervise its production. Annual salary is $87,180.
  • Industrial engineer: Identify ways to reduce waste and improve efficiency in workers, machines and other resources. Annual salary is $76,100.
  • Health and safety engineer: Protect public health through new procedures and improved procedures. Annual salary is $75,430.

Online engineering degrees are convenient and flexible and position professionals in line for a new career.  Engineers are in high demand in today’s workforce and can command high salaries.


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