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Online General Studies Degree

General Studies degrees entail a wide array of concentrations. They help you get a well-rounded education and equip you with valuable knowledge and skills required to pursue a career in a variety of fields. Those who do not want to limit themselves to a particular field of interest, can enroll in General Studies programs and broaden their expertise. Depending on your career objectives you can opt to enroll in an associate, bachelors or master’s degree in General Studies. Other than the regular schools, online institutes also offer these programs, helping you earn a valuable degree from the comfort of your home. Online programs can be a suitable option for those seeking to switch to a new, more rewarding career.

General Studies Degree Programs

An associate of General Studies spans over 2 years while a bachelor’s program typically takes 4 years to complete. Master’s degree can be completed in 1-2 years. Some of the courses you will get to study in these degrees include biology, computer science, economics, English composition, graphic design, criminal justice and sociology. You may also cover philosophy and critical thinking, public speaking as well as society and gender among other courses.

Occupations Outlook

Students who complete General Studies degrees can find endless employment opportunities. Depending on their own choice they can opt to get into business, real estate, government, healthcare or education sector. With this degree, they can earn $26,500 to $56,000 on an annual basis.

Cost of General Studies Degree Programs and Financial Aid

Regular degree programs in General studies may not be very affordable, but you need not worry as there a number of financial aid options that can help you pursue a degree in this field in an affordable manner. You can avail federal awards such as loans, grants and scholarships. Also, you can apply for private student loans and get money for college on simple terms and conditions.

Benefits of Online General Studies Degrees

An online General Studies degree helps you benefit from a well-rounded education that would prepare you for more rewarding career opportunities in a convenient manner. No matter if you are seeking to begin a new profession or to advance your existing career, earning an online General Studies degree can be a great idea. You can study from the comfort of your home and also enjoy the benefit of completing these programs at your own pace. Besides, online General Studies programs are more affordable compared to the regular programs in this concentration.


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