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Online Nursing Degree

The nursing occupation is a component of the US healthcare system. Thousands of individuals register as nurses each year and pursue challenging healthcare careers. The nursing occupation is expected to grow at 28% in the following years. It has become one the fastest growing occupations in the economy and reflects a positive outlook.

Nursing Degrees

To become a skilled nurse, it is important to acquire nursing education and certification. The nursing career demands immense skill and in depth knowledge of the healthcare field. There are many nursing schools and colleges across the nation which provide nursing degree programs to interested students. You can also opt for an online nursing degree if you are unable to take the traditional campus based classes. These nursing degree programs are designed to equip students with knowledge and everything they need to know to pursue a prosperous nursing career.

You can pursue nursing education after competing high schools studies. Nursing education is available at the bachelor level, master’s level, and doctorate level.  Following mentioned are the most commonly pursued nursing degree programs:

    • Licensed practitioner nurse (LPN)
    • Registered nurse (RN)
    • Associate in nursing
    • Bachelor degree in nursing (BSN)
    • Master’s degree in nursing (MSN)
    • Doctorate degree in nursing
    • Certificate in nursing

An online nursing degree comprises of a vigorous curriculum that covers a wide range of subjects. You will be expected to acquire a thorough understanding of each course and demonstrate exceptional skill. Basic subjects studied in these courses include anatomy and physiology, nursing care management, general psychology, pharmacology, microbiology, nursing management leadership, algebra, and clinical healthcare. Apart from theoretical topics, the curriculum also incorporates practical training sessions that will help you learn clinical skills needed for nursing careers.

Nursing Licensure

After acquiring nursing education, you must receive a nursing license before you can begin practice. Licenses are only provided to students who clear the nursing license examinations conducted by the state board of nursing. These are known as the NCLES-LPN/RN exams.

Career Outlook

The nursing professional has a wide range of branches that can be opted for specialization. Major areas of nursing include emergency nursing, neonatal nursing, nursing administration, and acute care nursing. The average income that you can make in this occupation ranges from $40,000 to $78,000 per year.


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