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Online Psychology Degree

The scientific study of mental functions and behavior is defined as psychology. It is a popular academic field of study that aims at understanding the role of mental functions within our society. A professional who has acquired certification in this field is generally known as a psychologist.

Psychology Degree Programs

Psychology can be taken as an elective, a basic course, and can also be pursued as a specialization area. Many students opt for specialization in psychology at higher level education. Psychology degree programs have become a popular academic choice amongst students nowadays. There are numerous colleges and universities that offer psychology degree programs. These programs can be opted for through campus based classes or can even be taken online through accredited on psychology schools. Associate degree in psychology, bachelor degree in psychology, master’s degree in psychology, and doctorate degree in psychology are the most common degree options available. On the other hand, short courses and psychology diploma programs are also available at academic institutes.

Online psychology degree programs are aimed at helping students acquire in depth knowledge of psychology and prepare for professional roles in this field. Students enrolled in psychology programs learn about the various concepts, strategies, functions, and theories that apply in this field. An associate degree in psychology can help students prepare for advanced psychology disciplines by building a strong foundation of relevant knowledge. Bachelor and master’s degree programs focus on more advanced knowledge and skill development.

What will you learn?

The course curriculum generally comprises of important subjects such as psychological research methods, cognitive psychology, child development, personality theories, and developmental psychology. These theory based subjects only cover a certain proportion of the complete program. Students also build upon professional skills needed in psychology careers. Specialization areas include the following:

    • Clinical psychology
    • Forensic psychology
    • Social psychology
    • Environmental psychology
    • Educational psychology
    • Health psychology


According to research, psychology jobs are expected to show a growth rate of 22% over the next few years. Psychology majors can take upon rewarding and challenging careers in various organizations. Salary levels for psychologists start off at a minimum $41,000 and can go up to $101,000 per year.


Colleges offering Online Psychology Degrees

Walden University


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