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Online Technology Degrees

An advancing society and a shift towards an increasingly knowledge-based economy have driven demand for online technology degrees in a workforce powered by computers and other technology. Technology has helped to create a more productive and efficient workforce and has propelled the global marketplace forward into the 21st century. Professionals with an interest in technology, digital innovations and advancing society will find success with an online technology degree.

Online Technology Degree Programs

Technology degrees are career-oriented and prepare professionals for vast opportunities in a growing workforce. Technology jobs are among the fastest growing sectors in today’s economy giving graduates real opportunities for career advancement and personal improvement. Professionals wishing to continue their education through the pursuit of a technology degree can enroll in a bachelor or master degree level program covering a variety of technology fields, including:

  • Computing and Security Technology
  • Communications and Applied Technology
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Engineering Technology
  • And more!

Professionals with an understanding of and appreciation for technological innovations are in demand in the today’s workforce and can earn high wages. Technology professionals must be detail-oriented, inventive and fast-thinking to keep pace with a fast moving industry based on innovation.

Career Outlook

There are a variety of tech-driven occupations in the workforce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech-savvy professionals can pursue one of the following careers:

  • Computer and Information Research Scientist: Design new tech-driven innovations and discover new uses for existing technology. Annual salary is $100,660.
  • Computer Programmer: Write code for new software programs. Annual salary is $71,380.
  • Computer Systems Analyst: Work with team members to study a business’s current operating system and make needed suggestions for improvement and efficiency. Annual salary is $77,740.
  • Software Developer: Design applications, programs and software to improve the efficiency of computer use. Annual salary is $90,530.
  • Web Developer: Create websites for organizations for branding purposes. Annual salary is $75,660. Funding Your Online Technology Degree

Financial support is available for professionals considering continuing their education with a technology degree. From governmental and institutional aid to private assistance, financial aid can limit the out of pocket expenses associated with earning a college degree.

Online learning provides areas for reduced costs including housing and subsequent living expenses. It is also a flexible convenient way to earn a degree and advance your technology career.


Colleges offering Online Technology Degrees

Walden University


Kaplan University


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