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Online Associates Degree

Online associates degrees are typically college degrees completed after the successful completion of two years’ study or the sixty credit hours by distance learning through the web. These degrees allow the student to progress their career without having to sacrifice their existing work and personal commitments. In short such programs allow the individual to ‘add value’ to their skills’ bases without comprise. There are a number of colleges offering this degree program online to ensure flexibility to those already working. Overall these degrees share the same content as regular programs, but are offered through distance learning.

What will you learn?

Sometimes students can apply the credits, earned through their online associates degrees, towards a four-year bachelor’s degree, thought this will vary from institute to institute. However, associates degrees can also prepare students to work in a particular field; these degrees are generally more practical. A typical student in an online associate degree program will only have a high school diploma. The program can: increase earning potential, open more employment possibilities and provide internship opportunities.

Benefits of Studying Online

Online associate degrees are considerably less expensive than traditional bachelor’s degrees. Associate degree programs are traditionally considered the most flexible college degree programs and being online, there is an additional convenience and advantage for those who continue to work full- or part-time while studying. Most programs share the same content as traditional, taught, onsite programs.

Financial Aid

A number of financial aid programs are available. Your school may offer you a grant, scholarship or student loan depending on your financial need as determined by the information that you provide in the FAFSA form. The option of private student loans is also there to help you have money for your tuition and living costs.

For your convenience we provide an easy to use Degree Finder tool on our website. This tool allows you to choose an area of study and find a subject according to your degree level. The results will show dozens of programs offered in the field of interest from all the best online schools. These schools will vary in affordability, accreditation and other features. You can make an informed choice according to your particular educational requirements.

Colleges Offering Online Associates Degree

Kaplan University

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