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Online Bachelor's Degree

Earn your online Bachelor's degree from an online accredited distance learning school.

After completing high school, the next step to higher education will be enrollment in a bachelor degree program. Bachelor degree programs are undergraduate studies in a specific study area. You can pursue this degree in any subject area of your choice, depending upon you career interests and future goals. This program is an academic degree that has a duration of four years. But some programs can even take up to 7 years to finish. Most careers require a minimum bachelor degree qualification.

Program Objectives

Bachelor degree programs are geared toward equipping students with a complete understanding of the subject area chosen. Throughout the four year duration, students are likely to encounter a range of short curses and subjects. Course curriculum comprises of a number of theoretical topics, practical topics. You will not only acquire an understanding of the conceptual side of the topic, but will also gain hands on experience. Bachelor degree programs are available in all areas; most popularly pursued study areas have been listed below:

  • Business administration
  • Nursing
  • Information technology
  • Engineering
  • Fashion designing
  • Liberal arts
  • Healthcare administration
  • Arts and sciences

Online Bachelors Degree

Bachelor degree programs are offered by numerous colleges and universities. But with the rise of distant education, you can also opt for an online bachelor degree in any subject area. Online education has grown in popularity due to cost benefits, class flexibility, and convenience.

Degree Requirements

To be able to complete a bachelor degree program, you must fulfill the degree program requirements. You must attain a certain number of credit hours, usually ranging between 120-150 credit hours. The exact number of credit hours will depend upon area of study, institute, and state. Other degree requirements include completion of courses, projects (if any), and earing satisfactory grades.

What can you do with a bachelors degree?

With a bachelor degree in your favorite subject area, you can pursue a range of managerial level job positions and entry level job positions. There are a number of careers that offer rewarding opportunities to undergraduates. The income you can earn will depend upon the organization, sector of industry, and experience.

Colleges Offering Online Bachelor's Degree

Walden University

Colorado Technical University

Kaplan University

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