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Online Bachelor Degree In Social Work

Earn your Social Work Bachelor's degree online from an accredited distance learning school.

The importance of the social services sector is set to increase in the coming years. This sector comprises of many NGO’s and public agencies that provide welfare benefits to underprivileged citizens. Social services can be described as providing services to improve the living standard and quality of life.

Online Bachelor Degree in Social Work

Social work is considered as a very noble profession, where helping people in their social, personal, and financial problems, is the ultimate goal. To prepare students interested in social work, many universities now provide educational degree programs in this academic field. A bachelor degree in social work ranks as one of the most recommended degree programs for prospective students.

The program has a duration of four years that are usually divided up into semesters. Over the four year period, student acquire in depth knowledge of how the social sector works and what it takes to lead a successful career in this area.

Popular Schools for Online Bachelor Degree In Social Work


The program comprises of various short courses each covering a certain area relevant to social work. Most of these courses are theory based and conceptual. On the other hand, the curriculum also entails practical training sessions where students acquire hands on experience. This is a very important aspect of a bachelor degree in social work. Social work service jobs include a lot of interaction with diverse community groups and individuals. It is important that students have strong communication skills, problem solving skills, assessment skills, and analysis skills. Listed below are a few important courses that you will encounter in an online bachelor degree in social work:

  • Principles of philosophy and social work
  • Case management techniques
  • Demographics
  • Research methodology
  • Project management
  • Service delivery and quality control

Social Work Careers

To begin a career as a social worker, qualifications are not enough alone. You will have to attain a professional license from your states social work board. With a license, you can pursue a number of jobs in private and public welfare organizations. Case manager, social worker, project manager, and welfare worker are just a few of the top careers you can look forward to with this degree.

Colleges Offering Online Bachelor Degree In Social Work

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