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Online Master's Degree

Earn your Master's degree online from an accredited distance learning school.

Master’s Degree

A master’s degree program is a higher education program that is offered at various graduate schools. This academic level of study is also termed as graduate studies. Master’s degree programs reflect a more advanced pursuit of a study area. Hundreds of students graduate each year form universities all over the globe. There are many universities that have acquired accreditation for providing students with graduate qualifications in a wide array of subject areas. The duration of this program is usually two years, but there are also a number of fast track graduate programs that take 12-14 months to compete. Apart from just the regular campus based classes, online master’s degree programs have become a convenient choice for students across the nation.

There are basically two types of master’s degree programs: Master of Arts and Master of Science. The master of art degrees emphasize on a more general view of the subject area whereas a Master of Science program provides a in depth understand of the subject area to students. Graduate studies focus on professional skill development, critical analysis skills, professional application of knowledge, and evaluation skills. You can acquire a master’s degree in any subject area. Since there are hundreds of masters programs currently being offered, only a few popular ones have been mentioned below:

  • Master’s in business administration
  • Masters in teaching
  • Masters in information technology
  • Masters in economics
  • Masters in fashion designing
  • Masters in criminal justice
  • Masters in computer science
  • Masters in nursing

Degree Requirements

To earn a master’s degree, you must fulfill the degree requirements. These generally include earning a certain number of credit hours (90-120 credit hours), these may slightly vary from program to program. Other requirements include completion of entire coursework, and submission of final thesis or project.

Admission Requirements

To be able to enroll in a master’s degree program, you must first earn a bachelor degree program. Without completing bachelor education, you are ineligible for graduate studies. There is usually a CGPA requirement of 2.5 by all graduate schools; this grade reflects a student’s readiness for advanced studies.

Benefits of Earning a Master’s Degree

Master’s degree programs qualify a student for managerial level job positions. No matter what subject area you specialize in, with a graduate qualification, you can apply for managerial and leadership roles in organizations.

Colleges Offering Online Master's Degree

Walden University

Capella University

Liberty University

Drexel University

Kaplan University

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