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How to become a Worship leader

As with any ministry position, becoming a worship leader should be a calling felt by the Holy Spirit. As a worship leader, you have an incredible responsibility to lead others in the worship of God. Simply being a good guitar or piano player is only the beginning. Study and understand the worship of God so that you can fully understand your leadership role, and so you can help usher others into God’s presence.

how to become a worship leaderNurture Your Relationship With God
Worship is going to pour out of your own relationship with God. As such, it is important that you maintain a strong relationship with God. That relationship is extremely important in the personal life of any church leader. Solidifying your relationship with God should include prayer time as well as time spent in the Scriptures. Ensure that you have close Christian friends that can help hold you accountable as well. Make God the focus of your week so that worship naturally pours from you as you lead and invite others to do the same.

Find a Mentor
The best way to learn to do a job is to spend time with someone who already does it. If you feel God calling you to lead worship, start meeting with your church’s worship leader on a regular basis. Tell him about your calling, and talk to him about his experiences in his role. His experiences can help benefit you and teach you what to do, and what not to do. Talk to him about getting involved in music ministry at the church. There may be a place for you on the worship team, or with the youth. Look for ways to get involved right away.

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  • Exercise Leadership
    A worship leader must be able to exercise authority in his position. If you are just starting out in ministry, look for smaller leadership roles in order to hone and refine your leadership skills. Ask about leading a small group, prayer breakfast, or coordinating a small event. This will give you the opportunity to perform in a leadership role, and for others to observe you perform in that role.

    Build Credentials
    In almost every career possible, a degree makes you more credible, and more employable. A career in a Christian setting is no different. Explore degrees from accredited Christian universities that have worship leadership degrees. This degree should combine musical skill with a strong Biblical foundation. Talk with your mentor and other ministry leaders about recommendations that they may have for your academic direction.

    Study Biblical Worship
    If you are looking to develop a cult like following with an on stage persona, then becoming a worship leader is probably not for you. According to the Bible, true worship should be God-centered, and not man-centered. While sound quality and lighting are important components of any on stage performance, a good worship leader will seek to diminish distractions and focus on him. Focus should instead be on coming into God’s presence, and so a good worship leader will invite his audience to come close to God and worship Him.

    Understand Submission
    Being the worship leader is not being the pastor. This means that while you should be exercising authority over things having to do with worship, you are not the final authority at the church. While there may be times when you feel that a worship service you are leading should go in a different direction, you should always be in agreement with the pastor, and other church leaders. God will honor and bless your faithfulness in this area.

    BA in Worship Ministry
    Most christian colleges and universities now offer Bachelor of Arts in Worship Ministry. If this is your true calling, getting a degree in worship arts will provide you additional training and guidance.

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    Ask An Expert: Real Questions, Expert Answers

    Q: How to become a worship pastor?

    A: Although there are no such specific qualifications to becoming a worship pastor, it is always recommended to enroll in degree program relevant to this field. You can opt for bachelor or masters level degree in bible studies, ministry, or even theology. These programs will qualify you for pastor or clergy job positions in various religious institutions.

    Q: After being a worship leader, what will I be expected to do?

    A: Worship leaders are expected to lead congregations in churches or other religious places. You will be required to plan and guide people in these services. Nowadays, worship leaders also use music in their services, this is known as contemporary worship. You will be required to demonstrate great communication skill, charisma, and knowledge.

    Q: For becoming a worship leader, what areas of study should I consider?

    A: Worship leaders guide or lead congregations and service at religious institutions. If you are wanting to become a worship leader, studies in this field will help you build a career. You will need to gain in-depth understand of religious areas such as theology, bible studies, ministry formation etc. there are a number of certificate programs and training programs that can help you learn more about becoming worship leaders.

    Q: How to be a worship leader with no background in religion?

    A: Even if you have no background in worship or religion, you can still pursue a career as a worship leader. Studies have shown that many students with no religious backgrounds are opting for religious education in hopes of pursuing relevant careers. A number of degree programs are available in worship that can equip you with knowledge and skills for worship careers.

    Q: How to be a good worship leader?

    A: To be just a worship leader is not enough; you need to be a good worship leader in order to guide people on religious paths. You must first acquire education and understanding of religion, identifying your role in this field. By fully accepting your role as a worship leader, only then you can be good at this job. Many certification and diploma programs are available that provide an in-depth analysis of worship and religion.

    Q: What is praise and worship?

    A: Praise can be defined as appreciating and accepting the good of deity’s. The bible has various verses that shed light in praise and how we as humans must praise the blessings of god. On the other hand, worship is referred to bowing down and paying homage to god. Both terms have been mentioned in the bible numerous times.

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