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Brief History of Physical Education

brief history of physical educationPhysical education can be defined as psychomotor learning that focuses on bodily exercise and movement. This area has become a major academic field in primary and secondary education levels. Physical education incorporates various physical activities such as walking, jogging, Frisbee, basketball, football, and more. With more development in this field, certain non-traditional sports are also becoming a major part of the curriculum. Schools across the nation have made physical education a mandatory subject for students.

Brief History of Physical Education

Physical education has gained immense importance in the 19th and 20th century. If we take a look at the history of this field, we can see that PE has undergone many changes to evolve accordingly with changing health trends and sports trends. Physical education was first developed by the romans, Spartans Athenians. These civilizations introduced exercise and physical education as a necessary skill.

Over the centuries, many famous personalities such as Johan Simon and Guts Muths have contributed to this field. Johan Simon was the world’s first professional physical education teacher who developed a number of gymnastic apparatuses and activities in this area. In the 1900s, the Athletic Association was created to regulate physical education standards. This was the first formal step taken on a nationwide level to promote PE. Now we can see PE embedded in all school systems as a means to maintain healthy exercise regimes among students.

Degree Programs in PE

Many students graduate each year prepared for physical education careers. Physical education teachers are now in high demand due to the ever rising importance of health and fitness. There are a number of higher education teaching programs available for students interested in becoming physical education teachers. Mainstream courses include an associate degree in physical education, a bachelor degree in physical education, and a master\s degree in physical education.

Career prospects

A physical education teacher can make around $24,000 annually at entry level job positions. With more credentials and experience on the job, these professionals can earn up to $59,000 per year. The different organizations that require the services of physical education teachers include primary schools, secondary schools, gyms, and fitness centers.

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