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Carnegie Learning Online

Carnegie Learning Online is a service that is offered by Carnegie Leaning Inc. Carnegie Leaning Inc. is a company dedicated to the promotion of math, both in terms of coaching students but also helping colleges and state boards develop strategies for math education- a number of states retain Carnegie Leaning Inc as their advisors on curriculum strategy. This alone shows the how educationalists have the highest regard for Carnegie.

Carnegie approach their role with a very scientific approach. Many of the company’s officers and staff are established academics.

Carnegie Learning online offers an online math tuition service tailored to different levels of students. The first level is aimed at Secondary students; the other at Higher Education students. The service is an all-encompassing curriculum and really does include all you need to know. Comprehensive materials are provided to students, including textbooks and specialist software.

Once signed up to this online course, students will be able to study math at a pace that is preferable to them. The online course also allows students to have the benefit of studying at times which suit them. The software itself is adaptive and has the ability to adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Because the material can be installed on a computer, students can literally study from anywhere they wish as long as they have a laptop.

Furthermore the online courses can be tailored to suit any particular strength or requirement by a student. For instance, for both the Secondary and High Education course, it has been noted that many students have difficulty with algebra. Carnegie offer an extra module fort algebra designed to concentrate and improve the students performance in this difficult area.

If you are a math teacher, Carnegie also offer a number of courses aimed you, which are designed to develop and build on your existing skills to teach math more effectively..

Undertaking one of Carnegie’s online courses does not mean that you are on your own. You still have full access to the faculty and consultation can occur virtually, or web-conferencing.

A Carnegie online course can be a challenging, yet equally rewarding.

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